Biology Lesson Plans

Elementary Science: Biology Lesson Plans

Do your students love animals? Teach new vocabulary using animal names for root words.

Children are never too young to learn vocabulary through the Latin names of animals. Young children love to know the scientific name of their pet or favorite animal. Tap into their love of drawing and painting to create animal-centered lessons full of new vocabulary words.

Field trips to the zoo are the perfect way to reinforce animal vocabulary. Each stop at the next animal brings the chance to discuss new words. Feline and canine may be familiar to some students already. How about ursine or serpentine, bovine or simian?

Those words are easy to remember if you know that ursi are bears, serpentes are snakes, boves are oxen, and simiae are monkeys.

Or take them to an arboretum – trees and plants have many interesting roots! Use these roots to build biology vocabulary.

Middle School Science Lesson Plans – Biology

To put it mildly, the human body is a subject middle school students get excited about. Harness this natural curiosity to build vocabulary through biology lessons.

There are hundreds of new words to teach and learn through the study of the human body.

Hundreds more can be learned through the study of animals.

And hundreds more through the names of plants and trees.

High School Science Lesson Plans – Biology

High school students are ready for the academic challenge of advanced biology. But whether they are enrolled earth science or AP Biology, building vocabulary will be an important component of the curriculum.

Give them the edge they need to excel on national exams in both biology and vocabulary.

From the cellular level to the largest ecosystems, biology is not only the foundation of life, it’s also the foundation of thousands of important vocabulary words.

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