Vocabulary Quizzes

Throughout these pages you will find vocabulary quizzes keyed to specific English derivatives from a single Latin root. Follow the links and browse these pages until you find a root that interests you. Along with that one Latin root word you will find a dozen or more related English vocabulary words.

As you read through the list of English derivatives, some will be familiar and others will be new to you. Study them all! Not only will you learn new words, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of familiar words.

Learn one Latin root per week, and watch your powerful vocabulary grow and keep growing!

The Keys to Success:

The concept of this site is simple and its purpose is clear. Focus your energy on one Latin root for one week, studying all the English derivatives associated with that one root word. Below each list you will find exercises for practice.

So when should you take the vocabulary quizzes? After you have thoroughly reviewed the list of English words, take a vocabulary quiz. Each quiz focuses on just one Latin root and its associated English derivatives.

You (and your students) will hear the difference:

Actually, you will not only hear the difference, you will see it and read it and speak it!

First, you encounter a Latin root word in our pages. We provide a few familiar English words to help you make the connection between Latin and English. Then we show you more advanced English vocabulary. You study these new words, do an activity, and take a quiz.

Soon enough you’ll know how much you’ve learned, because you will encounter these new words in your daily life.

Really! It never fails. Soon after learning a new word you will hear it on TV or on the radio. You will see it in a newspaper or read it in a magazine. You’ll be amazed how these words show up in your favorite songs, in the next movie you see. Your friends, parents, and teachers will use them.

Your boss, your mayor, or your congressman will throw out some four syllable word, and you’ll know exactly what it means. You’ll know the Latin root it comes from, how to spell it, and several related words to boot!

Then at last you will find yourself using new words in conversation and writing. That’s when you know you have truly learned it and made it your own.

Latin W.o.W!

After a week or two you will say WOW! Latin really is the most powerful way to build advanced English vocabulary!

Just choose another Latin Word of the Week to continue your studies. Browse until you find an interesting root. Read through the derivatives. Do the activities, and take the vocabulary quizzes.

Your new knowledge will become apparent immediately as you encounter these words in your daily life.

Start now with the Latin verb loquor meaning I speak.

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