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Audio Web Hosting Options
for YOUR Website

Need audio web hosting for your website, blog, and e-mails?

There is a staggering range of products available for putting sound on web pages.

As a high school teacher who dabbles in building websites, I've spent a lot of energy looking for the best, simplest, most cost-effective way to put sound files on my vocabulary website.

Below you will find reviews of the four most viable methods. One is free, one requires a small outlay for software, and two offer full audio web hosting services.

If you want to include audio on your webpages, e-mails, or blogs, my advice is: try them all and take your time deciding.

In the end, your particular needs and your means will lead to the best choice for you.


Audacity is a free and effective way to put sound files onto any webpage, e-mail, or blog. Its greatest feature is that it's free to download and use. To learn more about it, visit this wiki or the Audacity Store.

Downloads are FREE! If you buy Audacity, you are paying only for the CD and/or shipping charges. The product itself is absolutely free, open source software.

Beyond Freeware

While Audacity is free and effective, it is not for everyone. The process of loading files can be confusing and time consuming for web masters. What's worse, web surfers must wait for a player to load before they are able to listen to content.

Have you ever been fed up waiting for a sound file to play, and just hit the back button instead?

For streaming audio and video capability, and for some pretty sleek customizable buttons and players, try the Wimpy Player.

These products offer a step above the quality and service of Audacity freeware.

For streaming MP3 audio and streaming FLV or SWF video, these Wimpy tools are powerful and affordable. They are not free, but the cost is just a one-time expense with no subscription charges.

I used the MP3 Button myself, for a time. But now I've switched to FlashMedia with remote hosting service for all of my audio files.

Why Use Flash Media?

Audacity is free and simple. Wimpy players look sleek and professional.

Yet all of my audio content on has been produced with streaming Flash Media hosted remotely.

If you're looking for the simplest, most powerful, and most technologically integrated tools for audio web hosting, click here to learn more about streaming audio hosting for your e-mails, webpages, and blog.

All of the sound files and audio testimonials for my website are made with Flash Media. I did months of research and subscribed to two services before finally choosing what I believe to be the best value in online audio.

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