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Biology Vocabulary:
The Latin Root COR, CORDIS

Turn basic biology vocabulary words into lists of advanced English derivatives. Your students will gain confidence in addition to new skills in interpreting the meaning of English words derived from Latin roots.

Latin Word of the Week (2/13/2009):


Derivatives of Cor, Cordis:

The Latin noun meaning heart provides English derivatives for students of all levels of ability and experience. Simply present the word to your students and see how many English derivatives they already know. Then have them guess the meaning for a few they haven't seen before.

The Latin root may help students remember the more advanced vocabulary words:

cordial (adj): sincere, heartfelt; courteous, gracious.

accord (n): harmonious agreement.

discord (n): disagreement; inharmonious sound.

courage (n): bravery, heartiness.

cordiform (adj): heart-shaped.

cordate (adj): heart-shaped.

concord (n): agreement between persons.

discordant (adj): disagreeable; incongruous

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