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Vocabulary Strategies for
Math Lesson Plans

Whether you teach first grade or integral Calculus, these pages will help you create math lesson plans filled with engaging vocabulary. Students of every ability level will gain a deeper understanding of vocabulary through basic math.

Elementary Math Vocabulary:

Want to increase your vocabulary exponentially? It’s easy with elementary math. Basic math joins with simple Latin to make an incredibly powerful tool for teaching and learning new words. Remember: Vocabulary is interdisciplinary. Math teachers should use Latin roots to connect their lessons to other subject areas, and all teachers should include math terms in their elementary math lesson plans.

  • 1st grade math
  • 2nd grade math
  • 3rd grade math
  • 4th grade math
  • 5th grade math

Middle School Math Vocabulary:

Many middle school students struggle to see connections between math and the real world they live in every day. With a few well-placed vocabulary lessons, those connections will become automatic. Use the links below to explore vocabulary lessons based on middle school math.

  • 6th grade math
  • 7th grade math
  • 8th grade math

High School Math Vocabulary Words:

Most high school students spend hours per week solving difficult math problems. Many become highly skilled in specialized branches of math. Yet very few learn to apply this knowledge to building vocabulary. What an opportunity lost! With a little Latin, advanced math becomes an endless source of SAT words every high school student must know. Here you will find vocabulary lesson plans for every level of high school math:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Calculus

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