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Vocabulary Lesson Plans:
An Introduction to Latin & Greek

Looking to improve your lesson plans? Want to teach vocabulary in a deeper, more meaningful way? Then simply browse these pages. Here you will find hundreds of new word lists for lesson plans based on Latin roots. And a few Greek roots, too!

Whether you teach science or social studies, art or philosophy, derivative-based lessons will make learning more engaging for your students. In these pages you will find the tools you need to build outstanding lesson plans in your specific subject area.

Remember: Always teach new words in context. For students, there is nothing worse than endless lists of definitions to memorize, prefixes and suffixes to stuff into the brain. Students learn not by rote memory, but through memorable examples.

So give examples to remember, and watch your lessons come alive.

The study of root words is the one truly interdisciplinary subject area. Just explore these pages to experience this truth for yourself.

Words learned in the study of geometry can be applied to the study of literature. Words learned in the study of history can be applied to the study of music.

All subject areas - from math and science, to poetry and the arts - are connected by Latin and Greek derivatives. Vocabulary grows exponentially when it is studied in this dynamic, interdisciplinary way.

So take a few minutes to explore these pages. Make your lesson plans thrive with these powerful strategies. Subscribe to the rss feed or to the Latin word of the week newsletter. Follow me on Twitter, too, for frequent updates and links to new material related to Latin language and building English vocabulary. Approach online experts at service if more information needed.

It's fun. It's easy. Students and parents alike will thank you for it for many years to come.