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Build SAT Vocabulary
with Latin Roots

If you want to learn SAT vocabulary words in English, there is no better way than learning Latin roots. For every Latin root word learned, you will understand a dozen or more advanced English words.

Don't study words at random and get them all confused. Get them straight and put them into long-term memory. Start now with the Latin root pugnare, meaning to fight.

The Latin Advantage:

So many SAT Prep courses and testing materials give list after list of random words to be memorized. Students don’t enjoy these vocabulary lists and, frankly, they don’t benefit much from using them.

The advantage of using Latin lies in the fact that one Latin root word can yield a dozen or more English derivatives.

Search these pages and discover the Latin advantage in building vocabulary for the upcoming SAT exam. Start with a list of SAT prep vocabulary.

The Power of Greek:

The Greek language is equally powerful in understanding the roots of advanced English words. Unlock standardized vocabulary tests with the study of Greek root words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Take the tedium from SAT test preparation. Make every minute of study count.

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