Vocabulary: Have faith. Regret nothing.

by Aude

Dear Latin Teacher,

Could you help me to translate to Latin: "Have faith" and "Regret nothing" please? It is for a gift, I want to put these inscriptions on a ring.

I would be really grateful.

Thank you so much! Aude

Dear Aude,

The Latin translation of "Have faith" is either fidem tene for a singular command or fidem tenete for a plural.

"Regret nothing" is a little more complicated to translate into Latin because the Latin verb for regret is impersonal (paenitere). So the phrase would literally mean "Let nothing cause you to feel regret".

Again, it will be different for singular, i.e. speaking to one person, than for plural, i.e. speaking to more than one person.

Nihil te paeniteat for singular or nihil vos paeniteat for plural.

Fidem tene, nihil te paeniteat (singular)

Fidem tenete, nihil vos paeniteat (plural)

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher!



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