Latin Pronunciation: Meus Pater

by Anonymous

Dear Latin Teacher,

I am wondering how you would pronounce the following: "meus pater meus vir"

Thank you, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

The only letter in your phrase that differs much from English is the 'v' of vir, which would have sounded more like our 'w'.

Then the -r- might have been trilled a bit. And the -e- sounds like our -ay-.

So, 'my father my man' or 'my father my hero' in Latin:

Phonetically: may-oos pah-ter may-oos weer

You'll have to forgive my Oregon accent. Just curious, why do want to say this?

Thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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Latin Pronunciation: Meus Pater

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Thank you!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your prompt response!
I wanted to know as I have just had this quote tattooed on my foot.

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