Why I Use Streaming Audio
Web Hosting for My Sound Files

It’s mind-boggling how many different options are available for putting audio onto a webpage. Streaming audio is one of the more expensive, everyone knows.

Like everyone else, when I first set out to add audio to my pages (www.vocabulary-lesson-plans.com) I simply wanted the easiest and cheapest way.

I researched the free options, and I chose Audacity. It worked well, and I was happy for a time.

But there were drawbacks.

It was time-consuming to convert and upload all those MP3 files one at a time – in my case, a new file for each new vocabulary word.

I could not be certain that my visitors had a compatible player installed on their computer.

There are so many varied operating systems and navigators that one never knows which platform visitors may be using. And sometimes a player wastes time “buffering” before playing.

I also needed flexibility in where I work. My sound files were always at home when I needed them at the office or at the office when I needed them at home.

I wanted more storage space and more speed. I wanted to be certain my visitors could access sound files seamlessly.

An e-mail, a podcast, a blog – I wanted to make my content accessible anywhere in the world.

Audacity wasn’t enough.

More research.

A friend told me about WimpyPlayer. I was impressed by its professional look and feel. But the speed was not much better than free MP3 players. And I still had to rely on local storage for all files.

For those who are comfortable using local storage, Wimpy and even Audacity might be enough.

Not only did I want more storage, more speed, more reliability, I also wanted more functionality: Student contributions, RSS podcasting, full audio postcards, blog entries, testimonials. And I especially wanted remote storage of all files.

Remote storage provides total freedom of place: Whether I’m home in New York, with in-laws in New Jersey, or visiting family in Oregon, all of my sound files are at my fingertips. I can make new recordings, publish or share a file, even re-record published files without the hassle of uploading them again.

And I never have to carry my laptop or even a jump drive with me to access files.

I now have absolutely hassle-free web audio functionality. I can – and do – work from any computer, in any state, in any country, with a simple internet connection and a $20 microphone.


I knew there had to be a better way. And I found it at last – but at what cost? Everyone knows audio web hosting is expensive, right?

The first product I discovered and tested was called AudioGenerator streaming audio.

The guys that market it lean toward a hard-sell personality, the type that turns me off, actually.

But their product was so intriguing that I requested a one-dollar trial. The product was great, offering all the things I knew would make my webmaster’s life easier and more productive.

And the cost, $30 per month, after a short pang of sticker shock, was manageable.

Then I discovered that AudioGenerator has a few extra charges that, while not exactly hidden, had not been disclosed in the plainest terms.

In addition to the monthly fee for their service, there are charges for recording time if you choose to record by telephone.

As I intended to run contests with my students and encourage visitor testimonials, I knew that I would likely be using some recording time, at 14.9 cents per minute.


At that point I nearly lost hope of finding the service I need at a pre-determined price that leaves me feeling comfortable that I am getting a good value for my dollar.

Then I discovered BYOAudio web hosting.

BYOAudio offers everything I dreamed about in an audio web hosting service for $20 per month. And there are no additional fees for telephone recordings.

My time is now optimized when it comes to adding audio content to my pages, my e-zine, my e-mails, my vocabulary blog.

BYOAudio has freed my time and increased my productivity so that I’m able to work on the content I love at vocabulary-lesson-plans.com.

If you’re still reading this, it means you’re looking beyond the basic MP3 model, and you would do yourself a huge favor if you subscribe to the 30-day, one-dollar trial of BYO.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find:

With remote access to your audio files you can work from home, in a coffee shop, from the airport, from literally anywhere, so long as you find internet service. For me, this is essential.

Recording conference calls for your business has never been so easy. The convenience of instant uploading will drastically improve productivity.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to include student-produced recordings on your class blog, or a small business CEO recording conference calls for web publication, you can save time and increase productivity using streaming web audio.

And, for that matter, streaming web video.

Whatever your needs, whatever you professional goals, if you want audio and video content in your web pages, e-mails, and blogs, you need to consider using a streaming audio web host.

And BYO is simply awesome.

Awesome in its product, in its price, and in its customer service.

There’s nothing to lose. Not even that one dollar for your first 30 days, because it's totally refundable if you decide not to subscribe.

But I know you’ll discover, as I did, that BYO exceeds your expectations and frees your time to pursue what really matters: building your own web content in full audio.

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