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To You and All Who Wander the Lonely Mountain Trails of This World

by Petre Jovanov

What is the correct translation of the following: to you, and all of those who wander the lonely mountain trails of this world...

1.vobis quod totus illorum quisnam flos devia mons montis sequor illae universitas

2.sola vagari atque eos qui tibi in hoc mundo calles

Dear Petre,

In Latin, to you is either tibi (singular) or vobis (plural). Since you use vobis in your suggestions, I'll use it too.

Vobis et omnibus huius mundi per avios montes vagantibus.

Word order is always a consideration. The Latin above means literally: To you and to all of this world through pathless mountains wandering.

While I don't include the word lonely in the Latin, it is certainly implied in avios, meaning remote, solitary, lonely, pathless.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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