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The Abominable Snowman: Peter Cushing uses Latin

by Darcey
(Birdsboro, PA)

Dear Latin Teacher,

In the movie "The Abominable Snowman", Peter Cushing uses a phrase that sounds like Homo Pestans, which he then translates to mean "Man the Destroyer". I've done some research online, and I've come up with 2 separate & distinct possibilities, neither of which seem correct given the context. The first is "Homo Pestis", a (roughly cobbled together) phrase which sounds correct but appears to mean "Man the Vermin", or "Man the Plague". The second is "Homo Exterminatore", which is a correct translation but doesn't have the same sound. Would you help me figure this out, please? Thank you, in advance, for your efforts.

Dear Darcy,

I would love to be able to answer this question. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the film. Is it possible that he says homo pestilens?

Wonderful question. I'll keep this thread open, and I'll try to get my hands on the film.

Thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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i am not sure what you mean
by: Anonymous

i am a hammer film fan and trust me the friends i had you don't want commenting on your site i at least have some level of intelligences when it comes to cretin things that few others even care about

Homo Vastans
by: John

Finally got the time to research this one. It's Homo Vastans. Vastare means to destroy. An English derivative is devastate.

Hope this helps,


i have see that film
by: Anonymous

i think they were just using a close sounding phrase to what they want it to mean in the peter cushing and Christopher lee's the gorgon made by the same film company they talk about the legend of the gorgon which is stated completely wrong even the name of the gorgon is wrong in none of the versions of the story of them i know none was named megaera which is the name used in the film

i had just watched The Abominable Snowman and was curious of what the phrase used in the movie was correct and found this thread and though i would add a thought having seen a lot of the movies this company has produced

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