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She Overcomes, Who Conquers Herself

by Lacy

Dear Latin Teacher,

I am trying to figure out what the proper translation would be for "She overcomes, who overcomes herself. " Google translation says Haec vincit qui se vincit. Many other websites say Vincit qui se vincit. Translating it back though it means he conquers who conquers himself. I know nothing of latin and I am finding a hard time finding a translation that is consistent all around. Is there no word for herself either, since its not translating the last word of the quote?

Dear Lacy,

Your translators have it almost right. The only problem is the qui - it's masculine.

So try this: Vincit quae se vincit.

The Latin word se is always third person reflexive, of any gender, singular or plural.

Hope this helps and thanks for asking a Latin Teacher.



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