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Nomen: English Derivatives?

by Joanna

Dear Latin Teacher,

Does the Latin word nomen have any English derivatives besides name and nominate?

I need 4 more.

Thanks, Joanna

Dear Joanna,

There too many for me to name them all. English derivatives from the Latin root nomen include:

nomenclature: a set or system of names or terms.

denomination: a name or designation, esp. one for a class of things.

nominal: being such in name only, i.e. not significant.

nominative: every Latinist's favorite - noting a case having as its function the indication of the subject of a finite verb.

nominee: a person nominated.

denominator: something shared or held in common; standard. Also a math term: see math lesson plans!

ignominious: having a bad reputation, a poor name.

ignomy: disgrace; dishonor.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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