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Never Use an Automated Latin Translator

by Ashley
(North Fort Myers, FL, USA)

Dear Latin Teacher,

How do I say rideo risi risum per sulum spiritus , diligo per totus vos have, somnium per totus vestri pectus pectoris?

I'm getting it as a tattoo and I want to know how to pronounce it when someone asks what it says.

Thanks, Ashley

Dear Ashley,

Please do more research on your Latin tattoo before getting inked.

What you have done is type an English phrase into an online Latin translator, and that online translator has given back gibberish.

Your proposed tattoo translated into English means:

I laugh, I laughed, laughed through each breath, I love through all you have, a dream through all you chest of chest.

As I said, gibberish. It doesn't even express what I have given above, as there are may mistakes of gender agreement and case. It even has an English word thrown in untranslated.

Write again if you would like a short tattoo idea translated into Latin.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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