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Locative Case

by Steve
(San Francisco)

Dear Latin Teacher,

Wow, I thought I had the Latin cases nailed, then I suddenly hear about the Locative Case, which I cannot seem to find on my study chart or in my Latin book.

Would you please share what it is and how it looks?

For example, I have heard that the locative of Roma is Romae; thus, could the acronym SPQR be written out as Senatus Populusque Romae?

Thanks for all of your great help!


Dear Steve,

The locative case is found only with certain nouns, such as the proper names of cities, towns, and small islands. Importantly, it is also found with the words for home (domus), countryside (rus), and ground (humus).

Follow this link for a summary of the forms and uses of the Locative case.

And here is a exercise to practice the Locative forms.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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