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Latin Word of the Week: (2/24/2008):

amicus = friendly
inimicus = hostile

The Latin word amicus (friendly) gives us many advanced English derivatives. With the prefix in- attached, inimicus offers many more English words to learn. Study the following list, then take the quiz at the end of the page.

1. amicable: literally likable or lovable. Amicable also means friendly or easy to get along with, as in an amicable neighbor, an amicable divorce.

2. amiable: the same as amicable, with the added connotation of agreeable or willing to accept advice. She had an amiable disposition

3. amity: amity can mean both general harmony and a specific peaceful agreement among nations. There is amity in the small town; there is amity between the USA and Britain.

4. inimical: the prefix in- means not, and so inimical is the opposite of amicable. Think of the inimical stare of a hardened criminal, or a noisy environment inimical to effective study.

5. inimicable: see inimical above.

6. enmity: hatred or hostility; enmity is the opposite of amity. She felt enmity for her ex-boyfriend; enmity consumed the serial killer’s heart.

7. amicicide: the root word caedere, to slaughter, gives us derivatives such as patricide, suicide, and homicide. Who is killed in an act of amicicide?

8. amicus curiae: in legal Latin, this phrase means a friend of the court, i.e. one who, though not involved in a particular case, gives expert advice to the court.

Related Latin Vocabulary Roots:

amor = love
amoris = of love

9. amorous: full of love, i.e. in the mood. Although he felt amorous, his wife had a headache.

10. paramour: an illicit lover, usually of a married person.

11. amorist: one devoted to love and making love.

12. amor patriae: a Latin phrase meaning patriotism, i.e. love of country, love of fatherland.

amo = I love
amare = to love
amatus = loved

13. amateur: One who engages in an activity for the pure of love of the activity itself, rather than for money. An amateur photography, an amateur dancer.

14. amatory: of or pertaining to love, as an amatory novel or poem.

15. amative: a synonym for amorous. She made amative advances toward her boss.

16. Amanda: this name literally means having to be loved or about to be loved. It’s the gerund of the verb amare.

17. Amy: Another name from the same root, meaning beloved.

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