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Latin Translation

by Melanie
(Austin, Texas )

Dear Latin Teacher,

How do you say enter at your own risk in Latin?

Thanks, Melanie

Dear Melanie,

There are several Latin words for enter, but I think in this context I like the deponent verb ingredi. It means to enter as in to step or to go into. Its derivatives include ingress and ingredient. Click here for more English vocabulary from the same Latin root.

The imperative singular is ingredere, plural ingredimini.

The Latin phrase for 'at your own risk' would also have several possibilities. I think here the Latin word periculum is best. It means risk, peril, danger; but also responsibility for damage and liability; it even means a test or trial. Its English derivatives include perilous and imperil.

Using the ablative case, periculo tuo would mean basically 'at your own risk'. Literally it means 'with the risk being yours'.

So your whole Latin Phrase for 'enter at your own risk' is:

Singular: periculo tuo ingredere!

Plural: periculo vestro ingredimini!

Here's an audio file from BYO Audio to help you with pronunciation:

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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