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Latin Translation: I Made It

Dear Latin Teacher,

Please could you remind me how to say "I made it"
in a Latin translation. Is it me fecit?

Thanks for your help!

Dear Anonymous,

Your Latin phrase means it made me. To change it around to I made it, use id feci.

However, to say "I made it" in English has more than one meaning. Do you mean I made it as in I made this work of art or this dinner? Or do you mean to say I survived, I overcame, I finished what I started?

If any of the latter meanings are intended: superavi means I overcame; superfui means I have survived; id confeci means I finished it, completed it.

Hope this helps and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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I believe...
by: Dodgy Geezer

...that phrases such as "Julius me fecit" are quite common on manufactured items - meaning "Julian made me".

Presumably here Julius is the subject and 'me' becomes the object. But if the words 'me fecit' are just found on their own, the 'me' is treated as the subject and so the sense is reversed...?

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