Latin Translation: From Within I Am Fire; Rosetta Stone for Latin?

by Kai

I have been searching all over for a way to translate a phrase... I was hoping I could have it done here.

The phrase is: "From within I am fire"

So far I managed to piece together "Ex e sum ignis" Is this correct? If so, would "sum ignis" mean "I am fire"? What would be the translation for this: "My path is destruction"

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Kai A. Rahm

P.s. What, in your opinion, would be the best way to go about learning Latin? If I am correct there is Rosetta Stone for Latin.

Dear Kai,

Yes, sum ignis means I am fire. For your whole Latin phrase, add the adverb penitus, meaning from deep within. So:

Penitus sum ignis.

One possibility for "My path is destruction": Meatus meus est pernicies.

As for the best way to learn Latin, I always recommend this textbook from Hans Oerberg: Lingua Latina: Pars I: Familia Romana (Pt. 1) (Latin Edition)

And here is my other website for help using it: Teach and Learn Latin Online. I teach this book in my high school Latin program.

As for Rosetta Stone: Rosetta Stone V3: Latin Level 1 with Audio Companion. I have never used it or seen it. As of this writing, it has 1 and 1/2 stars at Amazon.

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Rosetta Stone for Latin
by: David

I recently bought Rosetta Stone for Latin. It only has three levels, unlike the TotalE versions of some of the other languages from Rosetta Stone that have 5 levels - so I'm assuming a more thorough and deeper understanding. HOWEVER, I have been using it and I really like it. I like it because I can HEAR how Latin is supposed to be spoken, I hear the accent. I am also learning a lot of vocabulary and how to say a lot of certain phrases. HOWEVER, because Latin is a declining language, and there are a lot of rules regarding that, including different cases for adjectives and nouns, Rosetta Stone does not explain those rules. In Latin certain words need to match in case, gender and number. This means there are many variants of words (for instance: puer, pueri, puero all mean "boy" but mean it differently). Rosetta Stone does not explain this or the rules governing this for ANYTHING! With Rosetta Stone you will learn Latin, but learn it as a child does living around people who speak it. You are shown pictures and then you hear and are shown text to match it, then you repeat it into a microphone, Rosetta Stone tell you if you are pronouncing it correctly. You will learn in a limited way but still LOVE IT. If you want to learn the "form" of the language, I strongly suggest doing something in addition to Rosetta Stone, as I do. I hope this helps. DAVID

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