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Latin Translation: Forever Watching Over; Always Protect

by Chris

Hi There!

I am currently painting our nursery for our first child. Both our mothers sadly have passed away and I would Like something in the nursery that acknowledges their presence.

I was thinking of either 'Forever Watching Over' or 'Always Protect'.

The Translations that I can draw from my time at university are 'Semper Vigilens and 'Semper Servo'

Would these be correct, It has been a while since my time at Manchester and I am very rusty!

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Chris Barlow

Hi Chris,

Your Latin is still pretty good, I say. But -- Semper Vigilans needs an a in the stem, as it comes from vigilare. The funny double meaning, however, may be that the baby is always wakeful. As the father of two, let's hope that's not what you're in for. As an alternative, you might use Semper Tuens, i.e. Always seeing, protecting, watching over.

Semper Servo means I protect always. Take note that it is first person singular. The participle is Semper Servans.

You might try both together: Semper Tuens et Servans.

Bonam fortunam et tibi et infanti.



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