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Latin Translation: End of Time

by Isaac

Dear Latin Teacher,

I was wondering if you could accurately translate the phrase "The End of Time" into Latin for me? Any variations based on the meaning of "end" could also be useful. Thanks!


Dear Isaac,

The Latin phrase for End of Time is finis temporis. It occurs in the Vulgate:

dies enim iudicii erit finis temporis huius et initium futuri inmortalis temporis

For the day of judgement will be the end of this time and the beginning of immortal time to come

This from Jerome near the start of the 5th Century. While I don't find the phrase in any classical author, it would have been understood easily by any ancient Roman.

As you asked for variations on the meaning of end, perhaps you are looking for a translation of the phrase 'the purpose of time'.

If so, that would be something like ratio temporis, i.e. the reason or purpose of time.

See a related post on eternity:

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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