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Latin Terms of Endearment, Etc.

by Sarah
(Portland, OR)

I love this site!

1) What is the Latin for beekeeper (male)?

2) How would you say "my love" to a man? Other terms of endearment are also of interest!

Thank you so much for your help!

Dear Sarah,

I love your city! Born and raised there before moving to DC and then NY.

A male beekeeper is apiarius, i.e. the one who keeps the apiary. (apis is bee.)

A man you love might be carissimus, but if you are speaking to him directly you must say, carissime.

Other terms of endearment may be found at Google Books in a great 1909 public domain text called Latin terms of endearment and of family relationship. It deals mostly with inscriptions from the ancient Romans themselves to analyze such terms.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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by: Sarah

Portland is wonderful!

Looking at that article you cited, I discoverd dulcissimus / dulcis, which I assume means "sweetest" or some variation. So cute! Am I correct in guessing that you would use dulcissime if speaking directly to your sweetheart?

Also, I am intrigued by piissimus / pientissimus and pient / piiss as used with a master or patron. I couldn't figure out a translation for these words, let alone a pronunciation! Do you know what they mean?

Si placet, forgive my silly questions - I've only been studying Latin a few weeks. Gratiam habere!

Thank you!
by: Sarah

I really appreciate the help and the link for further study!

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