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Latin Tattoo: I Struggle But Emerge On Top

by Cable Enstrom
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Dear Latin Teacher,

I hope to get a tattoo in the near future and I want to make sure I get the Latin correct. Please could you inform me how to say "I struggle but emerge on top"? Your assistance would be much appreciated,

Kind Regards, Cable

Dear Cable,

I struggle but emerge on top might best be translated as laboro sed vinco.

It means literally "I struggle, but I overcome".

Another possibility is laboro sed supersum, meaning I struggle, but I survive.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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Also about a tattoo
by: John

I was thinking about getting the words "feet fail me not" tattoo'd on myself but I didn't want to trust an Internet translation's grammar could you help?

Getting a tatoo
by: Matt

I want to get a tattoo which happens to be "trust, loyalty, respect" these are the qualities my wife and I raised in our children. But I am unable to find anyone who can give me the Latin for each word. Can you help?
Thank you, Matt

Hi Matt,

Try fides, pietas, honor. They are respectively trust, loyalty, respect.

Hope this helps!


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