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Latin Tattoo: Be Strong, Dont Let the Bastards Get You Down

by Esmeralda
(San Jose, CA, USA)

Dear Latin Teacher,

I like many am also getting a latin tattoo on my arm and seek your guidance. I wish to translate be strong, don-t let the bastards got you down. For "be strong" i have seen many formats. Valeas, valeo valui valiturus and esto fortis are amoung them. For the second part, i have seen non illegitimi non carborundum, illegitimus non carborundum, non illegitimis carberundum, illegitimis nil carborundum and nolite non bastardes carberundum. As you can see i am utterly confused as to the proper phrase to use. Your guidence is much needed. Thank you for your time!

Dear Esmeralda,

For the first part of your phrase, be strong, see a previous post.

For the second part, I'm afraid I cannot help untangle the mass of examples on the web and in tattoo dens throughout the world. Here's a link explaining this popular phrase. The Latin is not authentic.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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