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Latin Sentence: Love Conquers All

by Morgan

Dear Latin Teacher,

I want a tattoo that says "his love conquers all." Is "suus amor vencit omnia" correct? If not, what is?

Dear Morgan,

The famous line from Vergil gives the best translation of this Latin Tattoo: Omnia vincit amor.

It means 'Love conquers all'.

To add the possessive pronoun 'his', you would need to use 'eius'. However, adding it to so famous a line from Vergil makes it ring false in the Latin.

And who is he, anyhow? Is he your father, your husband? Is He God? I think the pronoun 'his' should be replaced with the name or title of the actual person, here.

Eius amor vincit omnia just doesn't sound very smooth in the Latin, although it technically means "His love conquers all".

Write again if you can clarify who he is, and maybe I'll be able to help you find something that sounds nice in Latin.

By the way, the whole line from Vergil is this:

Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori.

Love conquers all things, let us also yield to love.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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