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Latin Pronunciation: Facere

Dear Latin Teacher,

How should I pronounce "facere"?

Thanks, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

In classical Latin, the -c- sounds like a -k-. In Ecclesiatical Latin, the -c- sounds like a -ch-.

Here are sound files to help:

See an earlier post on Latin pronunciation.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher!



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Facere: Pronunciation
by: Anonymous

Facere is pronounced, as you say, in Latin, UNLESS you are pronouncing the name of an exquisite modern jewelry art gallery in Seattle, Washington where for the past thirty-plus years they have pronounced it Fah-cherry!

If a famous icecream enterprise can make up a strange um-louted word with a particular pronunciation, so can we!

Karen Lorene, owner
Facere Jewelry Art Gallery

Tibi consentio. I agree. A Portlander, I also love Seattle, so say it however you like.


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