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Latin Pronunciation: Exercitui

by Dick
(Orinda, California)

Dear Latin Teacher,

Is the word exercitui stressed on the letter i (interpreting the letter u as a full vowel), or is it pronounced on the second letter e (interpreting the letter u as a semivowel)?

I prefer exércitui over exercítui just because it seems more euphonious when reciting the whole declension, but I fear I may be in error. Nevertheless, exercítui has always bothered me. (Of course this issue only arises with four-syllable 4th declension nouns.)

Thank you.

Dear Dick,

Exercitui is a five syllable word stressed on the third to last syllable, which is the -i-.

The same syllable is stressed in the genitive plural (exercituum) and in the dative/ablative plural (exercitibus).

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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Thanks for your answer about exercitui
by: Anonymous

Thank you. You have set my mind at ease, and I will make a habit of saying exercítui.

It is terrific to have a place where I can get reliable answers. I love the site!


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