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Latin Phrase: I Live to Serve

by Sharon
(Portland, OR)

What's the best way to say "I live to serve?" The connotation I am going for here is that service is the main driving force. Thank you so much!

Hi Sharon,

The simple translation of your phrase is vivo ut serviam, I live that I may serve.

It's not so easy, however. That Latin phrase may also mean I live to be a slave, to be subservient.

And that's not the connotation you're look for. By "serve" you may really mean "benefit" or "help" or "do good things for".

The question is also Whom do you live to serve? The poor? Your own community? Your church? Your family or friends? Animals? Trees? All living things? The environment?

Here are a few Latin Latin phrases that my suit you:

vivo ut bona faciam = I live that I may do good deeds.

vivo ut omnibus prosim = I live that I may benefit all

auxilio omnibus vivo = I live as an aid to all

Just a few quick ideas. If you have a specific beneficiary in mind, let me know and I'll try to write more.


who left Portland in 2000 but it will always be home!

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by: Sharon

Gratias tibi ago, Magister!

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