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I am but an egg

by Sharon
(Portland, OR)

I want to double-check a translation for "I am but an egg" in the sense of "I'm know nothing... I'm just starting." I've lost my Martian-to-Latin handbook. :) A friend suggested "Tantummodo ovum sum." It'll be used on my new blog,

Gratias tibi ago!


Your friend is on track. Tantummodo ovum sum means literally I am but an egg. Latin will definitely apologize for the blunt metaphor, as you are not really an egg. You might also like quasi ovum sum, or, sum ovo similis.

The Romans did have a phrase meaning from beginning to end: ab ovo usque ad mala, from the egg to the apples. You might start your blog with the simple prepositional phrase: ab ovo, from the egg.

Bonam fortunam!


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