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High School Latin Teacher

by LTK

Dear Latin Teacher,

I majored in Latin 25 years ago. A very beloved High School Latin Teacher passed away yesterday. I once saw a bumper sticker in Latin that translated as "If you can read this, thank your Latin teacher."

Since I can no longer do any justice to the language, and I'd like to offer it as some sort of memento to her surviving kids, can someone please provide a translation into Latin?

Many thanks, LTK

Dear LTK,

My condolences to the family of your beloved teacher.

Si hoc legere potes, gratias magistrae age.

The bumper sticker you saw may have read magistro for magistrae. Magistrae is the feminine form. The whole phrase translates: If this to read you are able, thanks to your Latin teacher give.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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How do I say?
by: Anonymous

How do I say "We are always flexible" in Latin?

Dear Anonymous,

Try this: Semper nobis est quaedam mollitia.

Literally, it means "Always to us there is a certain flexibility/tenderness/pliability."

Hope this helps, and thanks for contributing!



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