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Greek Root of STRATEGY

by Anonymous

Dear Latin Teacher,

What is the root of the word strategy?


Dear Anonymous,

The word strategy comes from strategos, the Greek word for a military general. If you strategize, you are thinking and acting in the manner of a military general. It means you think on your feet, you are ready to meet any challenge, and you keep your mind focused on the ultimate objective. Expect the unexpected and get the job done.

Educators often talk of strategies and methods as though they are interchangeable. But our English word method comes from methodos, a Greek word meaning along the path or systematic way. Teachers who try to guide students along a certain path may find themselves ambushed, their resources exhausted, their plans destroyed, their classroom in chaos.

The objective of is to promote the strategy of using Latin and Greek roots to help students build vocabulary. If teachers think like 5-star generals, they will leave the path (i.e. method) of careful preparation and embrace the concept of allowing students to explore new words through the power of Latin and Greek roots.



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