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English to Latin Translation: Through eternity, without end, or until the end of time

by Jake Wood
(Evansville, IN)


I'm looking to turn an English phrase into Latin. I want to add on to an existing tattoo and would like it to be in Latin. I'm not much for tattoos in other languages, but I think Latin is beautiful and it feels very ancient and powerful.

I'd like a phrase that means "through eternity", "without end", or "until the end of time". You get the idea.

If you wanna throw a few phrases and their meanings at me then I'll pick the most fitting one for my situation.

I don't trust online translators and am not really sure where to start. Hopefully you can help! Thanks so much!


Hi Jake,

You are right not to trust any online translator!

See a previous post about how to express eternity in Latin.

I think in aeternitatem (for eternity) and per aeternitatem (through eternity) work nicely.

"Without end" would be sine fine, as in Vergil, Aeneid 1.279, imperium sine fine or ruling power without end.

"Until the end of time" would be dum finis temporis.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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