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Classical Greek courses?

by Steve
(San Francisco)

Dear Latin Teacher,

I understand that many Latin teachers also have training in Classical Greek. I would like to begin a program in Classical Greek; however, I am having a devil of a time finding it here in the San Francisco Bay Area outside of enrolling in a university. Do you have any recommendations for online classes or self-study resources?

Thank you, Steve

Dear Steve,

The standard text for independent study in ancient Greek is probably Athenaze. If you'd like to give it a try working on your own, get the Teacher's Handbook, too. It will be very difficult without a good tutor, though.

I don't know of an online source that would be reliable for learning classical Greek. For distance learning, try the University of Florida online degree program in classics.

There are great intensive summer programs for Greek, if you are able to travel. One is the Latin/Greek Institute at CUNY in New York.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher!



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