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About Birds in Latin

by Kirstin
(Coal Township, PA)

How do you say "bird"? It is used as a nickname for me because people find me a bit odd. I absolutely love it. Also, how do you say, "You're my yellow bird"?

Thank you for taking the time.


Hi Kirstin,

Bird in Latin is avis, and it used to be a common given name for girls. You may also recognize the famous car rental company.

English derivatives include aviary and aviation.

For the color yellow, there are a few choices:

Golden yellow or yellow-haired would be avis flava. You are my yellow bird: tu es mea avis flava.

A tawny or reddish yellow would be avis fulva. You are my yellow bird: tu es mea avis fulva.

There is also avis crocea, which is a saffron-colored kind of yellow. Think of the crocus flower. You are my yellow bird: tu es mea avis crocea.

From one strange bird to another (rara avis!), I hope this helps. And thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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