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10 Latin Roots in 5 English Words

by Anna

Dear Latin Teacher,

What are the Latin roots of the words viaduct, equanimity,
jurisdiction, sacrilege, and grandiloquence? Thank you.



Dear Anna,

The list of Latin root words you have requested proves how powerful Latin is for building advanced English vocabulary. Every word you asked for contains two Latin roots!

viaduct: Via = road; duct is from the verb meaning to lead. So a viaduct leads a road over otherwise impassable ground, such as a wide valley.

equanimity: aequus = even, equal; animus = mind. So to have equanimity is be of a calm, balanced, even-keeled mind.

jurisdiction: jus, iuris = right or law; diction is from the Latin word meaning to say (dico, dicere, dixi, dictus). So the root meaning of jurisdiction is a pronouncement of law.

sacrilege: sacer, sacra, sacrum is a Latin adjective meaning sacred; legere is a Latin verb meaning to choose, select. The root meaning of sacrilege is to take (i.e. steal) what is sacred.

grandiloquence: loquor, loqui, locutus sum = to speak. Grandiloquence means grand or lofty speaking.

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Thanks for asking a Latin teacher,



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by: Christa-Jade

Hi thanks to u i have saved lots of time from my homework project i got an A+ and i was the first one ready out of my WHOLE class thanks again.

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