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lux, lucis  (f) - light

Any teacher can build vocabulary lessons using Latin roots. Just select one Latin word at a time and teach a handful of English words related to it.

Let your students brainstorm a few more derivatives.

Assign a creative project, such as a short story or a poem, in which students must use six or eight English words derived from the new Latin root.

Our Latin Word of the Week is the perfect way to begin.

Latin Word of the Week


Latin Word of the Week  (4/16/2008):


Create your next lesson plan with the Latin root lux, lucis. New words are easy to remember when they are all connected to the same Latin root!

Word Building: Derivatives of Lux, Lucis

By teaching a few Latin root words, you can help your students go beyond the simple definitions of words. You will help them not only learn new words, but also deepen their understanding of familiar words. All students will find the study of Latin roots enjoyable, powerful, and productive.

lucent (adj): shining, translucent, clear.

translucent (adj): permitting light to pass through; clear, lucid.

lucid (adj): easily understood; clear, rational, sane; shining, bright.

Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments
when he was merely stupid.

-Heinrich Heine

lucidity (n): the quality of being clear, rational, sane.

pellucid (adj): allowing the maximum passage of light; clear, limpid.

Lucifer (n): the light-bearing planet, Venus; morning star; Satan.

lucida (n): the brightest star in a constellation.

lucerne (n): a glowworm.

lucifugous, lucifugal (adj): avoiding light, fleeing from light. That lucifugal monster, Dracula.

luciferian (adj): satanic, devilish, having the attitude of Lucifer.

elucidate (v): to make clear, throw light upon, explain.

Latin Words & Phrases in English:

dixitque deus fiat lux, et facta est lux: And God said let light be made, and light was made.

lux (n): a unit of measure for light, equal to one lumen per square meter.

Common Names:  

Lucius, Lucile, Lucy, Lucia.

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