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Learn to create a vocabulary lesson plan from just one Latin root word.

Present just one Latin word to your students this week. Students love to explore possible derivatives and show how much they already know.

Then you can help them make connections for understanding more advanced English words.

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Latin Word of the Week (3/11/2008):


to do, drive, or conduct

You'll be amazed how many English derivatives come from this Latin verb meaning to do, drive, or conduct. And your students will be amazed how many words they already know!

Vocabulary Lesson Plan: AGERE

Prior Knowledge

Words that access prior knowledge help you and your students remember the meaning of the Latin root word.

agile (adj): active, lively, quick, well-coordinated. In short, able to do things physically or mentally. An agile body, an agile mind.

action (n): something done or performed, an act, a deed.

Brainstorming: Can you think of more derivatives?

active (adj): in a state of motion. An active imagination; an active intellect; an active classroom. From actus.

activity (n): a deed, action, or function; liveliness. Try the printable word activity at the bottom of this page.

react (v): to act in response or with opposing force. The father reacted calmly to his wife's news of twins.

actionable (v): susceptable to legal action, liable to a lawsuit. Careful what you say publicly about students or parents, because your words may be actionable.

actual (adj): existing in act or in fact; now, present, current. Our home looked completely destroyed after the storm, but the actual damage was minimal.

actuate (v): to move to action; to start a process, turn on. The president's speech actuated the peace process.

agent (n): one who acts on another's behalf. The quarterback's agent negotiated a multi-million dollar contract.

agency (n): a company having a frachise to represent another; an organization, company, or bureau that provides some service for another. A real estate agency; a welfare agency.

exact (adj): acurate or correct; worked out completely. He payed the exact amount due.

exigency (n): a urgency, demand, or requirement arising from circumstances. The exigencies of the classroom may include sick children, fires, bomb threats, or snow storms.

proactive (adj): anticipatory, active in advance. Proactive measures against crime; a proactive attitude toward helping struggling students.

reactionary (adj): opposing change, politically or socially. His politics were reactionary: he always argued against ideas for reforming education or health care.

redact (v): to put into a form suitable for publication; revise, edit. The Bush admistration published the reports in redacted form, with all names and many sentences blacked out.

Latin in English

agenda (n): things to be done. This neuter plural adjective, used a noun, means literally those things which must be done or are about to be done.

actor (n): a person who does something, a participant. This masculine Latin noun has a feminine equivalent: actrix.

This is NOT an exhaustive list of English derivatives from AGERE!

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