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Looking to make vocabulary cling in the memory? Teach the Latin root haerere!

Boost your knowledge of English by studying Latin roots and derivatives. Our Latin Word of the Week is the perfect way to learn and reinforce new words.

Latin Word of the Week (3/26/2008):

haereo, HAERERE, haesi, HAESUM
to cling

Create a lesson plan with the Latin root HAERERE. Your students will strengthen their understanding of several common words, and they will learn a few new ones, too.

N.B. The Latin diphthong -ae- drops the -a- for English derivatives. Therefore the stem HAER- become HER-, and the stem HAES- becomes HES-.

Derivatives of Haerere:

Latin can help students expand understanding beyond the simple definitions of words. College bound students will find the study of Latin roots enjoyable, powerful, and productive.

adhere (v): to cling to, to stick to. Throw spaghetti at the wall and, if it's done, it adheres.

adhesive (adj): sticking, clinging, coated with a sticky substance. For puting posters on a wall, adhesive tape is better than glue.

Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules.
-Tom Robbins

adhesion (n): steady attachment, devoted attachment. A warm bed and regular food increased the cat's adhesion to her master.

adherent (n): one who follows and upholds a leader; supporter. The president is an adherent to the founding priciples of this nation.

cohere (v): to stick together; to hold fast; to be logically connected. The defendant's alibi didn't cohere with the facts of the case.

Women are not inherently passive of peaceful.
We are not inherently anything but human.
Robin Morgan

cohesive (adj): causing to cling together; unified; well-integrated. The team won the championship because it played as a cohesive unit throughout the playoffs.

cohesion (n): the act of sticking together. Loving cohesion brought the family through the difficult times.

coherent (adj): logically connected, consistent; sticking together. The drunk man could not make a coherent statement, argue as he might.

incoherent (adj): disjointed, without logical connection; loose. The drunk man's thoughts were totally incoherent and nonsensical.

inherent (adj): existing naturally within, permanent, inseparable; infixed. Sometimes children seem to have an inherent purity, other times they can be little devils.

inherently (adv): the adverbial form of inherent. Smoking is inherently bad for the lungs, whether young or old.

inhere (adj/n): to exist permanently, inseparably; to belong intrinsically. After the loss of a child, sadness may inhere in a parents heart.

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