Lesson Plan Ignis:
Put the fire under your students

For this lesson plan ignis is the central Latin root. It's a third declension noun meaning fire.

For scientific vocabulary, this root will help students understand the formation of volcanic rock.

Rather than just telling them what it means, however, let them discover for themselves how much they already know.

After they discover a word or two they already know, they will be primed to learn a few more roots they did think of themselves.

First, print this derivative splash worksheet. You may copy it for fair educational use with your students.

In the center box, write ignis = fire.

Depending on your students, you may need to provide an English derivative or two to get them started.

Let them work in small groups, let them share ideas, and watch them discover more words derived from the same Latin root.

Here is a list of English derivatives to get started:

ignis = fire

  • ignite (v): to set on fire, kindle; to catch fire.
  • ignition (n): a device for igniting; the state of being ignited.
  • ignitible or ignitable (adj): flammable, able to be ignited.
  • igniter (n): a person or thing that starts a fire.
  • igneous (adj): of, pertaining to, or characteristic of fire; in geology, produced by fire or heat.
  • igneous rock (n): rock produced under conditions of intense heat.
  • ignescent (adj): bursting into flames, emitting sparks.
  • ignicolist (n): one who worships fire.
  • igniferous (adj): bearing fire, producing fire. Ignis + ferre (to carry, bear)
  • ignifluous (adj): flowing with fire. Ignis + fluere (to flow)
  • ignify (v): to make into fire, form into fire.
  • ignipotent (adj): having power over fire, such as the Roman god Vulcan. (See other compounds of potens, potentis in omnipotent, impotent, potential, etc.)
  • reignite (v): to ignite again.

This is not an exhaustive list of English derivatives from the Latin root ignis. Don't limit the lesson plan ignis offers to your students. Let them be creative in expanding vocabulary.

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