Latin Root Laudare
Builds English Vocabulary

Discover the Latin root laudare and earn the praise you deserve for building your college vocabulary.

Teahers, rather than handing out a list of intimidating English words, provide just one Latin root. Let your students guess what it means. Let them show how many derivatives they know already.

Let them think first. Then show them how to apply what they know to discover new English vocabulary words.

Latin Word of the Week (4/19/2008):


to praise

You'll be amazed how many English derivatives come from this Latin verb meaning to praise. And then you can lavish praise on your students for learning such great new vocabulary words.

Latin Roots Build Vocabulary:

Prior Knowledge

Words that access prior knowledge help you and your students remember the meaning of the Latin root word.

applaud (v): to praise, express approval.

laud (v): to praise.

Brainstorming: More Latin Derivatives!

laudable (adj): worthy of praise.

plaudits (n): enthusiastic approval; a round of applause.

plaud (v): to applaud

plausible (adj): having an appearance of truth or credibility; worthy of acceptance or approval. Antonym: implausible

laudatory (adj): containing or expressing praise.

This is NOT an exhaustive list of English derivatives from LAUDARE! Can you explain the meaning of the following words?

laudation, plausive, plauditory

Latin in English

cum laude: with praise

magna cum laude: with great praise

summa cum laude: with highest praise

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