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Latin Phrase: My woman loves me

by Kim
(London, UK)

Dear Latin Teacher: I want my boyfriend to wear a t-shirt saying "my woman loves me" How do I say that ?

Is meus mulier diligo mihi correct?

Thank you!

Dear Kim,

Your first attempt is very close, and just three changes are needed to make perfect sense in Latin.

First, change meus to mea, as mulier is feminine.

Second, change the dative mihi to the accusative me. What you need is a direct object for the verb love.

The last thing would be to touch up the verb to 3rd person singular.

And there you have it! Maybe just a little change in word order.


Mulier mea me diligit

A bit about the word diligit. It does mean loves, but more like values, esteems, respects, etc. All things you feel for him, I'm sure.

But is there room to express other kinds of love on his t-shirt?

If so...
Mulier mea me amat
my woman loves me
(she feels affectionate and warm towards me)

Mulier mea me deamat
my woman loves me passionately

Mulier mea me redamat
my woman loves me back, i.e. in return

Mulier mea me deperit
my woman is dying for me, enamoured of me

Mulier mea me desiderat
my woman longs for me
(something to wear when you're not around)

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher!



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