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Latin Roots

Elementary Science Lesson Plans:
Make an early science-Latin connection

Build elementary science lesson plans based on Latin roots and watch your students make the natural connection between science and Latin.

A field trip to your local arboretum might spark interest in young minds for the scientific names of plants and trees.

Any science lesson involving the human body might benefit from a careful study of the Latin word corpus, meaning body.

If your lesson plans involve teaching how to measure temperature in degrees, whether Celsius or Fahrenheit, you might first teach the word gradus. The English vocabulary words learned will only enhance the science lesson to come.

Many schools keep animals in the classroom to create learning opportunities for young children. If you have a terrarium in your classroom, why not teach the Latin root?

Or would you allow them to continue calling it an aquarium (from the Latin root aqua, meaning water)?

The beauty of teaching Latin roots along side your elementary science lesson plans is that your students will learn the new vocabulary seamlessly, without interrupting the scientific content of your lesson.

In fact, the Latin roots will enhance your students' understanding.

The Latin language is filled with hundreds of vocabulary-building root words that might fit into the lessons you already use. The trick is to present the word without too much emphasis. Just include it on the board, or on a large poster in front of the room.

Better yet, let the students design their own poster containing the thematic Latin root word that fits with their current unit of study.

Science is an important subject area for early grades. And Latin is a powerful tool for unlocking student potential and sparking student interest in scientific subject areas.

So browse these pages for Latin words that might fit into your lessons.

Keep coming back for more ideas as the list of root words continues to grow.

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