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"Wolf and Lion" in Latin

by Ali
(Vancouver, Canada )


I am trying to translate the phrase: "Wolf and Lion" in Latin.

I have so far come up with this through google translate: "Lupum et Leonem."

Also, is it ok to capitalize the "L" in both words as this phrase is a title of a story.

Thank you,


Dear Ali,

In this case, Google Translate is correct. Lupum et Leonem means Wolf and Lion. However, the forms given are direct objects. The subject forms are Lupus et Leo.

For a story about a wolf and a lion, Latin would use a prepositional phrase: De Lupo et Leone.

One last thing, both words here are masculine, meaning male animals. A she-wolf and a lioness have different forms.

Lupam et Leonam. (Ojects)
Lupa et Leona. (Subjects)
De lupa et Leona. (Prepositional Phrase)

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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