Three Cows, or Three Oxen:
Danger in Discord

In eōdem prātō pāscēbantur trēs bovēs in maximā concordiā, et sīc ab omnī ferārum incursiōne tūtī erant. Sed dissidium ortum est, et singulī ā ferīs laniātī sunt. Multum bonī est in concordiā, ut haec fābula docet.

from pāscor, feed. This verb is connected with pāstor, a feeder or shepherd. The imperfect tense here shows that the cattle were accustomed to feed in this meadow.
from bōs, bovis - cow
i.e. while they acted in harmony.
dissidium, -ī (n)
sitting apart; disagreement.
ortum est
from orior, orīrī, ortus sum - to rise
one-by-one or one at a time.
multum bonī
much of good. bonī is a partitive gentive.
as. ut with an indicative verb means as or when.

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