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Pat Your Abdomen (Belly) in Latin

by Mikko
(Helsinki, Finland)


I'm trying to translate a Finnish children song in Latin and I would need help. One part says approx. "pat your abdomen/belly" and, as I do not know that much about Latin, I got into trouble. Would "ictus abdominis" be good?

Dear Mikko,

Thanks for a great a question. Try this: palpa ventrem. It is the simple command, pat your belly.

To fit the tune of the song, however, any of these my suit your needs:

palpa ventriculum (pat your paunch, little belly)

palpa stomachum (pat your stomach)

palpa abdomen (pat your belly, abdomen)

Then there is another verb for pat: permulce may be used in the place of palpa in any of the phrases above.

Hope this helps and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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