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Linking verbs and the nominative case

by Anonymous

I have a question concerning linking verbs, such as the verb to be. In this particular sentence it states: Bella sunt mala et multa pericula habent. Now, I realize that mala would agree with the nominative Bella. However, is multa pericula also conjugated in the nominative case or would this be the neuter accusative case? I am assuming it is in the accusative case because it is not surrounded by the verb to be. But I am confused because there is a verb in the sentence, so I do not know if it should be strictly nominative. Please help!

Dear Anonymous,

Your sentence means "Wars are evil and they have many dangers."

You are right that mala is a predicate nominative linked to the subject bella. Your intuition is also right for multa pericula. This is the accusative direct object of habent.

It is really two sentences. Bella sunt mala. (Bella) habent multa pericula.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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