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Latin Vocabulary Bingo

by Patti

Dear Latin Teacher,

I am a Latin teacher for grades K-5. I would like to have bingo games and other games that would implement the words that I have for that week's lesson to make learning fun. Can you help me?

What materials or curriculum would you recommend for teaching classical Latin in a Christian school?

I appreciate your time,


Dear Patti,

What a blessing for such young students to learn basic Latin. The list of materials available for young students keeps getting longer. You will find some wonderful children's stories and songs for your K-5 students.

For your grade 4 and grade 5 students, who are probably between 9 and 11 years old, you will find age appropriate books such as Minimus to introduce the classics. For students in grades K-3, try the link for First Readers.

As for Bingo, I have used a wonderful free site to build my own cards and master call-out sheets. They even have themes such as the Bible, Easter, Christmas, and Hanukah. Picture-card Bingo allows you to replace some or all images with vocabulary words.

Keep making Latin fun and your students will have the enthusiasm to continue beyond the basics.



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