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Latin Translations: Truth and Proof

by John Tebb Jr
(Santa Barbara)

Dear Latin Teacher,

I need help translating a few Latin words, the first is truth, which I believe is Veritas. I also need the words proof, believe, or any words in Latin that mean something powerful and have to do with self accomplishment.

John Trebb, Jr.

Dear Mr. Trebb,

You are right the veritas means truth in Latin.

The Latin for proof is more complicated. Possibilities include:

documentum: an example, a warning, a pattern, or proof. An English derivative is documentation.

argumentum: a piece of evidence or proof.

indicium: disclosure of a fact, evidence, proof. Indicio esse means to be an indication or proof.

signum: a mark, token, sign, indication, proof.

Possibilities for believe include:

credo: In Latin, I believe. In English a credo is a belief or a creed.

credibilis: believable, worthy of belief. In English, credible and incredible.

As for something powerful having to do with self-accomplishment, here is one idea from Virgil:

Possunt quia posse videntur: They are able because they seem to be able. It means that those who give the appearance of being capable, who get started accomplishing a task, are probably capable of finishing the deed simply because they started it.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin Teacher!



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