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Latin Translation

by David Knowles
(Lawrence, Kansas, USA)

Dear Latin Teacher,

How do you accurately translate the phrase, "We Destroy Everything" into Latin? An online translator told me "Nos Attero Paneron," but I'm not so sure.

Also, what would the literal translation of "Extremitas Vicis" be, or is that just gibberish?

Thanks a lot!

Dear David,

The Latin phrase for we destroy everything is omnia delemus. Your Latin translator's version means nothing to me. Instead of delemus, you may also use perdimus, ruimus, or rumpimus.

As for your other Latin phrase, extremitas is a subject form meaning border, outline, extremity, or hardship. Vicis can come from either vicus, vici, meaning village, hamlet, or street, or from vicis, vicis, meaning turn, change, or possibly plight.

So, the best I can say for extremitas vicis is the hardship of change or the hardship of plight. I've not seen the phrase before, so without some context, I can't give you a better translation.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher!



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